Briefly about Szabadkygyós

The village of Szabadkígyós is located in the southeastern part of Tiszántúl, 11 kilometers south of Békéscsaba. Its train station is located on the Békéscsaba – Kétégyháza – Bucharest line, and it has good bus connections. The value of fields is between 22-45 gold crowns. There are 4,773 hectares of nature conservation area within the boundaries of the village. The Szatkígyós puszta, which introduces us to the world of puszta and ranches south of Békéscsaba, is a popular hiking spot for the residents of the area. To the south of Szabadkígyós lies the Szabadkígyós Landscape Protection District, which includes the “Nagyerdő”, the “Kígyósi pasture” and the “Nagygyöp”, a mosaic structure of saline loess steppe created by the filled river branches of the Ÿ-Maros, which is now the habitat of rare desert plant and animal species. The Kígyósi main channel passes through here. In addition to their special impact on the landscape, the so-called kurgans, the so-called kurgans, which are mostly considered to be from the Copper Age, are shelters for rare steppe plants. To the east of the wasteland, a farm museum awaits hikers, which administratively belongs to Gyula.

Between 1949 and 1980, while the population decreased in Békés county, it almost doubled in Szabadkígyós (from 1,419 to 2,738 people), despite all generally valid trends. The increase in the number of births and the positive balance of immigration also play a role in this trend typical of small settlements in the Great Plain.

According to the most recent survey, the settlement has 2,637 inhabitants. The Employment Center of the Békés County Government Office registered 60 job seekers in the village in 2018. By the way, the number of job seekers has decreased continuously since 1994. The fact that Szabadkígyós also has a kindergarten, a nursery school, a community center, an Integrated Community and Service Center and a daycare kitchen, as well as a primary school also contributes to the decrease in these numbers. The Integrated Community and Service Square is home to the school’s departments, the village library, and civil organizations. Among the latter, the retirement club, for example, maintains serious traditions and operates in a well-organized manner with many members, as evidenced by successful events, often with 140-160 people.

Although the village’s facilities also provide a certain number of job opportunities, 80% of active job seekers are commuters. According to the data of, 28 companies or enterprises are currently active in the settlement. There is no agricultural cooperative in Szabadkígyós, but the Újkígyósi Aranykalász Mezőgazdasági Szövetkezet leases significant areas of the lands that belong to Szabadkígyós and were privately owned during compensation.