Behind the granary is the cowshed, the oldest building in the settlement. The building was a “göböly” – a barn, it was called “Swiss farm” (meaning dairy farm) because Simmental, fattened cattle intended for slaughter were brought from Switzerland, and this barn was built for them. It originally belonged to the buildings of the count’s major, and in its courtyard was a ballroom for the servants. At that time, the count also planted a beautiful Japanese acacia here, which is now a protected natural asset of local importance.

The stable was previously renovated by the municipality of the settlement, then the goal was to prevent deterioration. They tried to restore the building as much as possible to its original form, only those columns and beams that could no longer be saved were replaced, the rest can be seen in their original state.

It currently functions as an exhibition space: upon entering the sizeable building, you will find a cafe, in the room on the right side a car museum awaits those interested, in the left room there is the Puszta Exhibition, which presents the natural environment and fauna of the Kígyósi Desert and the area, a memorial exhibition showing the work of Zsigmond Réthy, and children’s activities. in space. The room is divided by two “lookouts”, which offer a virtual view of habitats that hikers usually don’t get to.

Things to see