Complex tourism development is being implemented in Szabadkígyós

Within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program, the project with the identification number TOP-1.2.1-16-BS1-2021-00014 entitled “Development of cultural, eco-tourism and heritage sites in Szabadkígyós” is implemented. The complex investment will not only bring qualitative development in the field of cultural and ecotourism, but will also contribute to boosting cycling tourism.

Beneficiary: Szabadkígyós Municipality
Project title: Development of cultural, eco-tourism and heritage sites in Szabadkígyós
Amount of contracted support: HUF 580,000,000
Amount of support (in %): 100%
Planned completion date of the project: 20.06.2023.
Project identification number: TOP-1.2.1-16-BS1-2021-00014
Application submission deadline: 12.03.2021.
Support contract entry into force: 17.09.2021

The aim of the project is to increase the number of visitors to Szabadkígyós, to increase tourism indicators and to mitigate the effects of seasonality, to expand the settlement’s range of services, which, combined with the current offer, and targeting the existing and new target groups, can stand as an independent service on the tourism supply market.

Within the framework of the project, the following developments will be implemented:
– establishment of a postal museum
– creation of rooms showing the life of the castle staff
– a petting zoo, a yard showing farm life
– creation of a settlement history exhibition hall
– creation of a stable and a carriage museum
– creation of parking lots
– creation, construction and development of existing bicycle paths
the. Construction of a bicycle path with a new track structure on a 1,500-meter section of the existing track connecting Szabadkígyós with the city of Újkígyós.
b. Development of the existing bicycle path in the inner area of Szabadkígyós for a length of 2,900 meters by widening it to 2 meters.
c. Construction of a 220 meter long new bicycle path on the outskirts of Szabadkígyós.
d. We would connect to the point of the Wenckheim cycle path ending in Szabadkígyós at Kastély utca, where we would connect it with the cycle path on the Ókígyósi út.
– creation of a themed playground, bicycle service and rest points, and bird-watching sites
– the design of a well-equipped, unique, often landscape-specific gift shop and movie projector
– visitor-friendly services (cafe, children’s activities, free WIFI)