Post office

The post office operated in the area of ​​Major in Szatkígyós for 90 years, from the early 1900s to the early 1990s. At that time, with the help of the municipality, a new post office was built in the current center of the settlement, and the building, called the “old post office” by the villagers, continued to function as a residential building. It was then purchased by the local government, and currently this traditional building houses a Post House showing the history of the post office.

The purpose of Postaház is to present the XX. the world of the post office in the second half of the century. In this period, in addition to mail and money transactions, the Post Office carried out telecommunications tasks, which also included radio and television broadcasting.

For more than a century, Posta’s Experimental Institute was the defining institution of Hungarian technical development. Radio and television, for example, started their journey within the walls of the institute – the Postaház remembers this versatile Posta.

Different, interesting technical objects and devices that are no longer or hardly known by today’s young people can be seen in the galleries. It is interesting, for example, that visitors can have a conversation with the help of functional dial telephones in various rooms of the Post Office.

Touch-screen IT tools are available, which can be used to expand knowledge in a playful way.

Last but not least, the purpose of the Post House is to recall the village’s postal past. In the spirit of this, among other exhibits, you can see an old, so-called “oldtimer” postman’s motorcycle, as well as the postman’s uniform of the time. Those who walk to the Svájceráj and visit the Car Museum can see two old post cars there: a large cariole car from around 1890, which was built according to postal standards, a two-horse, swivel-stool, leaf-sprung road mail car, and an experimental inter-postal relay vehicle from around 1900, which also has period parts contain. Both are the property of the Postal Museum.


The Post House was created in close cooperation with the Budapest Postal Museum and the Szabadkígyós Municipality and has been operating since its opening.