landscape museum

This exhibition hall of Svájceráj presents the natural beauty of the Kígyósi steppe and the region in an interactive way.

environment. On the field tables, the landscape’s current structure following the river regulations, the Transylvanian

its relationship with the archipelago can be studied. Acquaintance, further knowledge acquisition

are supported by tables richly illustrated with photos.

Two dioramas present the fauna of country yards and the natural landscape, the old one

from domestic animal species to the bird life of periodically waterlogged areas.

The room is divided into two “shelters”, which offer a virtual view of habitats where the

hikers usually don’t get there.

It is available for group and community sessions, lectures, and holding unusual school lessons

the locality’s two screening locations. Sometimes nature and documentary films are shown on the monitors

there are thematic, professional presentations.

The work of the hall’s namesake, Zsigmond Réthy, was located in a corner of Svájceráj

commemorative exhibition. Szabadkígyósi is thanks to the natural science museologist

The establishment of the Landscape Protection District, organized in 1978, in the history of Szabadkígyós

a uniquely large-scale Hunting, Fishing, Fishing and Nature Conservation exhibition, more

a scientific thesis and a science organization work describing the landscape.