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5712. Szabadkígyós, Kossuth place, 12.

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The fastest way to reach the village is by starting from the direction of Budapest on the M5 highway and then turning onto the M44 highway. They arrive at Békéscsaba from the M44 highway, from where Szabadkígyós can be reached in about 20 minutes. For those arriving from Debrecen, it is recommended to start the journey on highway 47, which takes about 2 hours takes Those coming from Szeged can also reach the village, which means about 1.5 hours of driving time. Szabadkígyós can be approached from Romania by crossing the border at Gyula or Mehkerek. For this, we recommend using the E671 road.

Bus – with buses to Szabadkígyós. ( By train – Szabadkýgyós is not directly accessible. We recommend traveling by train to Békéscsaba, and from there by bus.

Szabadkígyós cannot be reached directly by plane, after choosing one of the options below, we recommend using one of the above-mentioned car routes after getting off the plane.